Optimal Comfort Fill

Optimal comfort filling

Quick Facts

  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Weather/Water Resistant
  • 5-Star Comfort
  • Foam core with Memory Foam MicroGel on top and bottom + batting wrap
  • 100% shape retention
  • Weather-resistant liner by Hanes with a Teflon coating
  • More expensive due to Memory Foam MicroGel and construction of ticking shell, but will last longer and perform better than any other cushion fill

Luxurious, Water Resistant, and Long Lasting

Optimal Comfort Fill is the ultimate in comfort and weather resistance. Optimal Comfort is comprised of four layers to ensure comfort, durability, weather resistance, and longevity. This "best of the best" cushion filler is achieved by utilizing the best materials available.

Because these high-quality materials cost more to manufacture, Optimal Comfort Cushion Fill is somewhat more expensive than its predecessors; however, the unsurpassed quality will pay off when your cushions last longer and are more comfortable than you could imagine.

Optimal Comfort Fill is not only perfect for outdoor living, it's also more comfortable than any cushion on the market and will maintain this level of comfort for years to come.

The batting feature of Optimal Comfort Cushion will add ½ to 1 inch of loft to your cushion, in addition to the thickness you select. This loft occurs on both the top and bottom but not on the banding (sides). The amount of loft depends on the size of the cushion and the fabrics selected. The measurement of thickness will be taken seam to seam on the banding and does not include the loft added by the Optimal Comfort feature. Please consider this when selecting your cushion thickness.

Optimal Comfort Fill Components

  • A foam core provides a firm base
  • A layer of Memory Foam MicroGel on top and bottom provides reversibility and ensures a level of comfort not offered on cushions anywhere else
  • Batting on top, bottom and front of the cushion provides extra plushness; this batting is not added to the sides of your cushion, in case your cushions will sit side-by-side
  • These three layers are enclosed in a weather-resistant liner by Hanes with a Teflon coating, which is closed with a zipper. This shell is in addition to your chosen fabric.

Gel Foam Density is 4 lbs. (weight if it were a 12" x 12" x 12" cube)
Please note that density does not correlate to comfort.

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